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BUNDLE 1 JANUARY TO MARCH Sweet Magnolia's Skinny Stripe Sock Club

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Yarn Base

Welcome to the Sweet Magnolia's Skinny Stripe Sock Club!

** PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the January to March bundle, which allows you to save 10% on club prices and only pay for one shipping fee. All 3 months instalments will be shipped together in February 2024. If you would like to receive your instalments earlier, you can order them separately.**

The club

This is a monthly club inspired by Sweet Magnolias, one of my favourite Netflix Shows. Each monthly instalment, which includes a coordinating 100g and 20g skein in a beautiful colourway and a dainty progress keeper, is inspired by an episode of the show. 

The yarn

The full skein yarn colourway creates mock skinny stripes when knit up into a sock, wrist warmer or similar narrow tube. The coordinating mini matches the full skein perfectly, giving you a gorgeous contrast toe, heel and cuff. The progress keeper is mounted onto rose gold findings on a lobster claw. 

Each month's colourway will be a surprise but it will always be a beautiful pastel colour that fades from one month to the next, so that your left overs can be put into one project together.

The progress keeper

Each progress keeper will either be a rose gold charm, an enamel charm, a precious stone bead or a glass bead, which is mounted on a rose gold lobster claw.

Knitting tips

For best results, I recommend knitting the toe, hell and cuff in the coordinating mini to ensure your stripe effect remains even through the rest of your project and knitting the foot and leg of your sock in stocking stitch to really show off the stripe effect.

Each month includes:

  • 100g full skein
  • 20g coordinating mini
  • A rose gold progress keeper

Yarn Bases

Super Sock
75% superwash merino, 25% nylon
425m / 100g
Sparkle sock
75% superwash merino, 20% nylon, 5% sparkle
400m / 100g

The Bag and Accessories

You can pre-order a handmade sock project bag, notions pouch and needle roll through the links below:

Accessories Bundle (Save 10% when you purchase all 3 together)

Project Bag

Notions Pouch

Needle Roll