Shownotes: Knitting and Sewing Podcast Summer 2023

Finished objects:

Marieke Little Colourwork Sweater

Pattern: Marieke Little by Anna Dervout

Yarn: Elderflower Stitches Custom Kit

Dolly Changing Bag

Pattern: Hack of Sock Project Bag by Elderflower Stitches

Fabric: Liberty Glenjade Tana Lawn

Toddler Camp Blanket

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn


Sophie Scarf

Pattern: Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit

Yarn: Elderflower Stitches Vintage Silk on Supersock (coming soon)

Honeycomb and Wildflowers Socks

Pattern: Honeycomb and Wildflowers Socks by The Handmade Life

Yarn: Elderflower Stitches Pointe Shoes on Supersock (coming soon)

Wrist Ticklers

Pattern: Wrist Ticklers by Kay Jones

Yarn: Elderflower Stitches Pointe Shoes on Opulence


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